Foundation Heroes Program

 We are proud to announce that we surpassed our goals in 2015 and gave more than $30,000 back to our Heroes and more than $10,000 to our Heroes' Charities!


In 2016, our Mission is to double our contributions, $60,000 to Heroes and $25,000 to their Charities.  If you know a Hero that deserves recognition, let them know about this program and help us truly Support those who Support our Communities. 


Heroes are not an invention of the movies or comics. Most do not fly faster than a speeding bullet or swing from rooftop to rooftop. You’ll find our Heroes touching lives, unassumingly, every day – often unrecognized. From our Military men and women (former and active) who protect our country, to local Police, Fire, and Emergency Services who keep us safe at home, to the Medical Specialists who help us heal, to the Teachers we entrust with the most precious treasure of our children - we would like to recognize and say "thank you" to the everyday Heroes in our lives.


Through our Foundation Heroes Program, the JLS DuPont and Lacey offices will be partnering with Veterans Lending Group to give a part of each qualified Hero Home Sale back to the Hero and the charity of their choice. On an average home sale, that is over $1,000 to the Hero and their Charity!


The program is based on giving our Heroes the support they need to accomplish their Real Estate goals, be it Buying, Selling, or Property Management. The Foundation Heroes program focuses on education, qualification, and contribution.   We have classes on both Real Estate and Lending to get you truly prepared for the process, financing, and market. As participants in our program, our Heroes are among the best qualified buyers and sellers around, giving them an advantage in a competitive Real Estate Market. And the Foundation of this program is all about contribution and giving back to the Hero and Charity.


As a Hero – You Are Appreciated!



To begin, follow this link to the Information and Request Page


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